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That road is still under construction.


Small children are afraid of being left alone in the dark.


I did what most people do.


You were always a good friend to me.

Material wealth often goes hand in hand with social deprivation.

I bet Hienz was real happy.

Murph got out of bed this morning later than usual.

I paid two thousand yen for the book.


Can any of you tell me what happened?

Everybody was staring at her.

I'm done listening to you.


It was a week before Jane got over her cold.

Italy is having the worst economical crisis in its history.

The neighbor popped his head up over the wall for a moment.

This sentence can be interpreted in two ways.

Art was the one who helped me.

I feel very strong.

Spass was sent home.

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She found a job as a typist.

There is no such as a saint, do not try to seem like one.

Here's a copy.

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There was such a racket at my house last night, I couldn't sleep.


The dumb masses believe that Mandela was a decent man.


Bruce cautiously pushed the door open and entered the room.


I told them that.

Give us any help you can.

We should be together.

Let's just stay out of each other's way.

She didn't like the horse at first.

Mitchell wanted to teach Lin a lesson.

Lord used to work for the government.


Just a moment. Let Taurus finish.

He was absent without leave.

This is all I want to do.

Things are not going to change around here.

Excuse me, can I join you?

A great light was diffused over the baseball stadium.

I am in deep water.


Light it up.


He is too much superior to those about him to be quickly understood.

Do you have blankets?

Ann wrote something on the blackboard.

I know that he was busy.

Herve has a nice collection of modern paintings.

Did you know that Polly has never learned to drive?

Refrigerators help to preserve food.

Plastic heard what sounded like a gunshot.

We need to be responsible.


Where in Europe would you like to visit?

We're in mourning.

The spiral galaxy closest to our Milky Way galaxy is Andromeda.

Kriton doesn't look old.

Can we help you?

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I know a woman whose first and last names are the same as mine.

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The world will be saved by beauty.

Field hockey is not very popular in China.

I can't choose where to go on vacation.


I knew you'd like what Coleen gave you.

Doesn't that bother you?

You'll have to work hard if you want to pass the exam.

Any chance of us getting approved?

In order to elude her eager public, the movie star checked into the hotel under a false name.


I knew her very well.

Do what you can for Cathrin.

She was a single mom from a small Midwest town.


It's going to be hard to live without Monica.

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I can't jump over that ditch.

I'm not at liberty to tell you about the incident.

I met him on my way home.


Once upon a time, there lived in a village a little girl called Little Green Hood.

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The man robbed Susan of all her money.

Love your neighbor.

Are you doing OK?

I couldn't do what Hui wanted me to do.

I always kept my promises.

The pigeon kept cooing.

I haven't talked to him yet.

Most students don't read the syllabus very carefully.

Come what may, I will not break my word.


Do you hear that buzzing?

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Tell me what you did to her.

I'll talk to you later.

The principle of this textbook is based on the communicative method.

Crawl forward is done much more agilely - scuttle like a cockroach!

Maria adopted an orphan child.

Their names escaped me.

Kylo loves partying.

In Judo, we have many world-class judokas.

What are you going to do this weekend?


Piotr isn't so tall, is he?

Siegurd can't remember anything Joni said.

Her boots wear out much more quickly than mine.


Let Emma go.

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I don't remember saying anything.


I can't believe it's raining again.


Harajuku is one of the hottest places in Tokyo.

Foreign languages can be hard to learn.

We have something even better.

I have no idea what's going on here.

You were great today.

Guess whose middle name is Gail.

It is impossible to express it in words.

Pleasure in and of itself isn't bad, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.

Everyone is talking about Skip.

I enjoyed myself a lot.

Would you give up your eyes for a million dollars? What about your ears?

I want Vice here first thing tomorrow.

"Mom, do you know where the thermometer is?" "It's not in the usual place?" "Yeah, I checked."

Order now.

You certainly fooled Jeany.

But you have never spoken to me about that!

My phone's screen has a broken pixel.


She is not as old as my sister is.

Rand is a cardiologist.

Marriage isn't really something that young people are interested in.

That's complete and utter nonsense!

He loves sunsets.

I think you must be getting tired.

Our shelves were empty.


Summer has arrived at last.

Tuna works at a pizzeria.

It could be worth millions.

One's face fills with wrinkles because time does not pass in vain.

He is good for five thousand dollars.

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I won't be there.

I saw one.

Your country is already beautiful and it has still a potential to be even better.

It's second-hand.

I have to eat, too.


You have only to ask him if he'd like to join us.

It's enormous!

I know what killed her.

Have you considered my offer?

I cannot complain to the teacher. She's very hard.

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I take care of a cat and a dog.

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Toufic is waiting for everyone else.

I'm dining out this evening.

I like eating pineapple for breakfast.

Come on, let's see it.

He is acquainted with many people here.

He has a new girlfriend on the Internet. Her name is Tatoeba.

Can I stop over in Boston?

The injured were transported by ambulance.

Leif asked Kenneth if she could speak French.


Why don't we stop arguing over these piddling matters and get to the issues at hand?

No, I'm waiting for my wife.

He's fresh out of college.

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Say what you want, it won't change his mind.

This seems too good to be true.

Is that Mrs. Kent?

We can hear you.

I painted one.

Katalina is from Argentina. She's Argentinian.

They might be corrupted, but they still work hard for the people.

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I want to go.

When I grow up, I want to be king.

She has taken everything from me.

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I attached my signature to the document.

Water is a natural resource of vital importance.

I saw Santa Claus kissing Mommy.